Training Facilities


E&TIS is the breeding ground of fertile ideas that produce prolific results in practical MEP arena. Industry experts, foremost educationalists, ace engineers, and authority professionals are entrusted with the task of imparting manual testing courses Kerala. The emphasis is on making students acquire hands-on training so that they can practically implement the learning onsite. Teachers with research backgrounds are empanelled for better mentoring of aspirants.


Our classes are equipped with state of the art technical infrastructure to facilitate live demonstration of concepts to learners. Learners are also exposed to live experience in actual industry environment where they can watch the theories learnt materialize in actuality. This will serve to reinforce their skills.


Contemporarily equipped labs with computer access available to all learners make render assimilation of knowledge faster. Wi-fi access, broadband internet and updated softwares; all contribute to making learning more value-added.

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