Our Training Methods

We adopt contemporary and proven training methods in conformation with MEP industry’s standards to impart students’ experiential learning opportunities.

Stellar features of our training methodology:

  • Our emphasis is on acquiring hands-on knowledge wherein students can practically implement the concepts they have been initiated into in classrooms.
  • Each training course has mandatory field or lab exercise and at the conclusion of the course, learners have to prove their expertise by executing project related responsibilities onsite
  • Experienced and expert professionals from engineering backgrounds are entrusted with the pedagogic responsibility of updating the knowledge quotient of learners
  • Each class size is kept optimal so as to ensure that individualized attention can be showered on learners and their queries are adequately answered
  • Imbibing of analytical approach for solving problems as well as reasoning skills for quick decision making are stressed
  • Additional attention is provided to ensure that students remain safety conscious all through and adhere to the standards guiding safe behaviour at workplace
  • Lucid articulation of complex concepts is done through animated powerpoint presentations, dynamic lectures and illustrated leaflets carrying practical demonstration of skills
  • Mandatory involvement in mini and main projects ensure that the practical nous of learners is adequately strengthened and they are capable of executing complex assignments related to building services’ with confidence and flair
  • Computer simulation and prototypes are used for elucidating complicated concepts that call for racking of brains

Our training methodologies are proven, state of the art, scientifically contrived, in keeping with the industry demands and prevailing trends, prepared by ace educationalists, practically vibrant and relevant.

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