Welding Inspection


By availing our QA QC training Kerala module, students become adept in carrying out inspections to ensure the integrity of welding across all locations, sensitive or otherwise, in buildings. Knowledge of Non-Destructive testing (NDT) methods in the perspective of construction industry would land learners lucrative jobs in building industry. Students would be made conversant with exhaustive array of inspection methods required for robust quality control and assurance.

Duration of course: 60 hours

Eligible candidates: Students with M.Tech, M.E., B.E., B.Tech, Diploma in Mechanical or electrical engineering qualify for QA QC training Ernakulam

Content: Inspection of welding areas with the aid of X and gamma radiography, ultrasonic methods, holiday detecting, MFL tank surface scanning, DPI and MPI monitoring, NDT, phased array, PCN Level 3 and other relevant methods

Certification: Approved by ISO 9001 accredited regulatory body

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