Plumbing system for buildings


The E&TIS plumbing courses are comprehensive in nature and enlighten learners about ways to design various aspects like installing sanitary fixtures using standard attributes, determining optimum layout with various formulas like Hazen formula, installing pumped or direct water system in buildings, sizing underground reservoirs and water pipes, designing elevated roof tanks or dispersion trenches or storm water drainage, developing auto pneumatic systems, and others. Plumbing training also includes lessons on drafting and developing working plans related to site layout, location mapping, roof plans, building’s floor plan w.r.t. toilet or kitchen piping systems.

Duration of course: – 70 hours

Eligible candidates: Students with M.Tech, M.E., B.E., B.Tech, Diploma in Mechanical or electrical engineering qualify for selenium training Ernakulam

Content: Theoretical knowledge pertaining to entire gamut of water system, drainage and other plumbing systems; onsite training offered for developing hands-on knowledge

Certification: Approved by ISO 9001 accredited associations


Introduction to Plumbing System

Different types of pipes, pipe fittings, valves, tools used, scope  etc.

Common Sanitary Fixture Details

Lavatories, Water Closet, Showers, Sinks, Bathtubs, Bidets,Urinals, Floor drains, Layout of Sanitary fixtures in toilets

Formula’s for flow calculation

Darcy formula,   Chezy’s formula, Manning’s formula, Hazen formula, Reynolds number (Laminar and Turbulent Flow)

Water supply calculation.

Domestic Water Tank (or) Underground reservoir Sizing, Elevated Roof Tank (storage cistern) or Overhead tank Sizing, Cold Water Pipe Sizing in Building as per flow rate and fixture Unit Method(WFU), Minimum number of smaller diameter water pipes that can be connected to Pump Sizing (HP & Watts), Auto  Pneumatic, System & Pressure Tank Sizing, External Water Supply, different design concepts of raw water treatment like ps, ac, ir, ro, uv systems.

Drainage  System

Soil Pipe System, Waste Pipe System, Vent Pipe System, Types of Pumps, Pump Laws, Pump in series and parallel

Hot Water System

Hot Water System Designing, Estimating Hot Water Demand, Calculating the Capacity of Non-Central & Central Water Heaters, Hot Water Pipe Sizing, Hot Water Circulating Pump Design, Up feed System, Down feed System & Combination of Up feed and Down Feed System, Solar Water heater (Energy Saving Calculation).

Irrigation System

Garden Water Supply and Fountain, Garden Water Supply and Fountain pipe sizing,       Calculation of storage tank, Garden water fountain designing & pump selection.

Drainage System

Soil and Waste water drain calculation in building vertical stack, Branch drain / Discharge pipe, horizontal drain, Fixture unit rating, Maximum number of discharge unit allowed in stack, Design of horizontal drains by discharge unit method(DFU), Invert level & Slope calculation, Sump Pit Sizing, Submersible Sump Pump Sizing, Design of Septic tank

Storm water System

Designing of Storm water Drainage system in building, Sizing of Rain Water Gutters, External Storm water drainage

Estimation of project

Understanding the tendering requirements, Quantity take off, Preparing Inquiry for Suppliers & Finalizing the suppliers, Final Billing & Quotations finalization.


  • Representation of Concepts Design Drawing, Design Drawing & Shop Drawing.
  • single line representation
  • Double line drawing
  • fixture representation
  • Roof  plan of the building representing rain water collection
  • Enlarge floor plan of toilet kitchen, Plan elevation & cross section of structures including   reinforcement details
  • Location and drawing of manholes, septic tank ,wtp, storm water sewer etc
  • Schematic and isometric drawings of cold water supply lines


NBC, NSPC, NPC, IPC & ASPE standards

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