NDT (Non Destructive Testing Methods)


This specialized course on NDT testing methods introduce learners to analytical methods used for evaluating material, welding and system properties without inducing damage.  The NDT training would help learners enforce compliance to a wide array of pertinent industry standards and regulatory norms with respect to building specifications.  In the context of building services, NDT methods would come good while ensuring quality assurance, conducting welding inspection and other activities. Good career opportunities await learners.

Duration of course: 60 hours

Eligible candidates: Students with M.Tech, M.E., B.E., B.Tech, Diploma in Mechanical or electrical engineering qualify for NDT courses Kerala-Kochi.

Content: Ultrasonic inspection, magnetic particle inspection, radiographic inspection, liquid penetrant, visual inspection, hardness testing, eddy current testing, immersion ultrasonic testing, phased array testing, digital radiography, computed radiography etc.

Certification: Approved by ISO 9001 accredited regulatory body

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