Electrical system for buildings


E&TIS Electrical Designing and Drafting course empowers learners with hands-on in-depth knowledge about the intricacies of electrical jobs carried out in distribution systems and buildings of various types.  After undergoing focused training, candidates would be able to design and implement optimized electrical systems that would allow maximal energy utilization at low energy costs.

Duration of course – 70 hours

Eligible candidates: Students with M.Tech, M.E., B.E., B.Tech, Diploma in Mechanical or electrical engineering can avail of top electrical courses Kerala

Content: Designing and drafting of electrical systems with practical exposure to projects in progress and insightful lab sessions; candidates command on topic would be gauged through mini and main projects wherein each candidate would have to design, with proper estimation, optimized electrical and fire systems

Certification: Fire and Security association of India (FSAI) and Indian Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) approved



  • Basics and fundamentals of Electrical system and applications.
  • Symbols and Legends: Lamps, Fan, Exhaust fan, A/C, Sockets, etc.
  • Electrical generation, Transmission and distribution general concept.
  • Generation, Transmission & distribution system.
  • Introduction to electric motor, drives, starters etc.
  • Switchgears-types and selection.
  • Importance & application of VCB, ACB, MCCB & RCBO.
  • Isolators and SDF (Switch Disconnecting Fuse).
  • Selection of AMF (Automatic Main Failure) & APFC (Automatic Power factor Correction) Panel.
  • Coordination with HVAC, Plumbing, Firefighting, Mechanical systems like Chillers, AHU, FCU, water and  Drainage pumps, Firefighting Pumps etc.


  • House wiring concepts.
  • Internal mechanism and working of circuit breakers.
  • Lighting Schemes.
  • Lighting load estimation and designing of lighting panel.
  • Types of domestic wiring and commercial wiring system.
  • Circuit designing concepts and conditions.
  • Classification of circuits.
  • As built diagram and scheme diagram preparation.
  • Changes in Designing with different site conditions.


  • Mini Project


  • Transformers: Type, internal connection, Selection & losses
  • Calculating the Total power requirements
  • Total connected load & Maximum demand calculation based on Diversity factors.
  • Load distribution schedule & load balancing calculations.
  • Transformer sizing calculations.
  • Preparation of Schematic diagram (One Line Diagram) – Residential, High rise, Commercial and Industrial buildings.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Capacitor bank selection.
  • Cables: Selection, conductor, strands, cores and insulation.
  • Cable schedule and conduit selection as per standards.
  • Busbar selection and Design.
  • Voltage Drop calculations.
  • Fault level calculations.
  • Different types of Earthing systems.
  • Earthing design calculations.


  • Basics of Draughting.
  • Reading Architectural- Structural & RC plans (Plan- – Elevation- section).
  • Single line diagram.
  • Different types of layouts.
  • Draughting using softwares.


  • Main project

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