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MEP Industry

MEP Industry is expanding at a rapid pace. The demand for skilled manpower that is well-acquainted with building related technical activities is also surging. Building services industry pins its hopes for sourcing competent manpower from ace institutes like E&TIS which imparts innovative and experiential learning opportunities to aspirants.

MEP training Kerala intends to fill the vacuum that has engulfed the industry in recent times. Despite an epic rise in demand for proficient professionals, there is alarming scarcity of individuals who can efficiently plan and carry out critical designing and drafting activities pertaining to HVAC, air conditioning, fire fighting, Revit modelling and plumbing. All of the aforesaid are highly specialized industry jobs that can be executed with safety and impeccability by individuals subjected to superior quality mentoring as offered by MEP training Ernakulam.

MEP industry is a booming sector which offers adequately trained engineering degree and diploma holders’ lucrative career prospects. The activities of the industry are guided by stringent standards, norms, and formulas that have to be strictly adhered to. Any deviation or amateurish activity can invite serious trouble. As such, the industry relies on professionals who have been subjected to value based training from top notch engineering veterans from ace institutes known for superlative skill enhancement. MEP training Kochi is one such centre operated by E&TIS that conforms to the standards prescribed by the industry. The well-facilitated lab infrastructure and project oriented training reinforce the candidates’ fundamental and pragmatic knowledge about the various activities of building services and render them fit to serve the industry. Apart from the core competencies, the industry also seeks the services of the professionals in the domains of quality assurance, search engine optimization, IT, non-destructive testing, welding and piping inspection etc. The industry has a long way to go and the need for professionals with analytical approach to job would experience sustained momentum.

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Scope of MEP

MEP (Mechanical Electrical Plumping) services is part of Building services. Typically designed by specialised consultants and contractors, MEP systems can present complex challenges in terms of coordination and detailing. They must satisfy multiple objectives and criteria for design, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance. Technically qualified engineers have great role in each and every step in MEP services.

Role of an MEP engineer.

Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing needs are the fundamental requirements of modern construction projects. Hiring an experienced MEP engineer can make a huge difference to meet the expected value of a project. A professional engineer with good knowledge has great role in the file of Building services. At different stages of project, ie, Designing, execution, testing and commissioning an engineer has to control and monitor the project.

Future of building services

Building industry is fast growing one in India. Nowadays buildings are smart. Automation systems and renewable energy systems are used for buildings. More innovative applications are happening with modern building industry. As a result the requirement of qualified engineers increases. At this stage E&TIS plays an important role with the industry. Our well experienced team of working professionals provides better training for the engineering graduates which helps them to get a better career opening with the industry.

Opportunities with the field

Building services includes all MEP applications. That is all the electrical mechanical plumping applications. This makes better career opportunities for Electrical and Mechanical engineering graduates. E&TIS provides better training with industry standards and a career opening for the fresh engineering graduates.

Importance of knowledge

The industry needs Engineering graduates with good knowledge and designing skills with the corresponding field. Candidates should understand the requirements with the industry and tune themselves suitable for industry. We provide guidelines for the candidates to get better knowledge and career opportunities with the building industry. A group of experienced engineers are here with us to provide better awareness about the industry.

Scope of electrical engineering.

Electricity is a major part of every industry. That is electricity is a basic requirement for every field which demands qualified electrical engineering graduates with better practical knowledge. Now a days everybody is focusing on energy savings which demands precise designing and application of modern technology. Our project team E&TIS has already proven their space by the engineering projects they have completed.

Duties of Electrical Engineer

An Electrical engineering graduate has an important role in engineering projects. He has to involve all areas like project planing , designing, documentation and approval, project execution, measurements and billing , completion etc. E&TIS Engineering team perform all these activities with our engineering projects.

Opportunities for an electrical engineering graduate

An Electrical engineer has great opportunities with power generation, construction, manufacturing industry etc. But the important point is, they have been trained to handle responsibilities with both the technical and theoretical knowledge. Every industry need well trained electrical engineers.

Authorities and standards of electrical projects in Kerala

KSEB is the licence of electricity in Kerala that is they have the right to produce, transmit and distribute electricity. The safety of an electrical system is assured by Kerala state Electrical Inspectorate. That is an electrical engineer can build an electrical system only with the electrical inspectorate standards.

Basic qualities of an Electrical Engineering

Industry need engineers with better basic knowledge. They have to perform designing calculations ie, load calculations, feeder selection cable calculations, earthing etc. They should be aware of engineering standards and representations. Engineers  has to involve each and every section of an engineering projects ie, practical knowledge more important for an electrical engineer.

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